(Horror Action Thriller)

CHARLIE PARKER is a small-time hood on the lam for having stolen from his boss. While being relentlessly pursued throughout the desert Southwest by THE GUNMAN, Charlie stumbles across a murdered family... and their killers appear to still be on the scene, ready to add Charlie to their list of victims.

Charlie flees and comes across EVA, a hitchhiker. Fearing for her safety, he picks her up. They say you shouldn't pick up hitchhikers: Eva turns out to be one of the killers, as well as a shapeshifter. She attacks Charlie and bites him. During the struggle, Charlie crashes his car... and awakens in the hospital to find himself the primary suspect in the murder of the family.

As Charlie is transported to the Sheriff's station, the squad car is attacked and the transporting DEPUTIES killed. The killers reveal themselves to be a pack of shapeshifters traveling the Southwest. They can't leave Charlie alive; their leader MERRILL has some grand and mysterious plan in the works and they can't risk Charlie "turning" and exposing the existence of the shapeshifters before the plan takes effect. They intend to frame Charlie for a number of the murders they have committed, leaving him dead in a staged scene that will be viewed as a failed and fatal escape attempt.

Charlie manages to escape but now has shapeshifters, law enforcement, the Gunman, and LANSING, a vengeful survivor of a shapeshifter attack, on his trail. As events unfold, Charlie finds himself slowly transforming into a shapeshifter. The bodycount attributed to Charlie rises as the shapeshifters desperately work to make sure that Charlie is viewed as a maddog killer to be destroyed on sight.

To escape his pursuers, Charlie kidnaps ANNIE and her autistic son WILLY, little knowing that he has stumbled across the key element to Merrill's grand and mysterious plan. Now, Charlie must protect Willy while he struggles to stave off pending transformation, avoid his pursuers, and clear his name.