COLD BONES (A Nickle & Dime Adventure)

(Horror Action Thriller)

BEAU NICKLE and VIRGIL DIME (pronounced Dee-may') are two good old-boy saddletramps bound to try their luck in the California Gold Rush, partly as a change of scenery, partly due to Val having crossed Confederate officer MAJOR BELLOCQ for the affections of a soiled dove back in New Orleans.

Beau and Virgil soon find themselves caught in a furious winter storm in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Close to freezing to death, they come across an isolated cabin: inside is LUCINDA BELL, daughter of a miner recently lost in a tragic mine cave-in.

As the threesome struggle to reach Fort Calqhoun, a Federal outpost, they come upon the cabin of JACK McCREADY, one of the miners who was lost in the cave-in. Inside, they discover the miner's WIFE and DAUGHTERS brutally slaughtered. As they continue their trek, they are attacked by Jack McCready who appears to have returned from the dead.... and gone mad. They manage to "kill" McCready after he attacks them but quickly discover other undead roaming the snowy landscape and coming after them.

The threesome battle their way into the safety of Fort Calqhoun, only to discover the survivors of the mining camp and a crazed, one-legged CORPORAL O'ROURKE in command, determined to hold the outpost against "Confederate saboteurs" no matter how many living and undead he has to kill.

WA'ETSE, an old Paiute warrior who has trained all his life in preparation to battle the undead, arrives with the dire news that this ancient evil resurrecting the dead must be destroyed before the Spring arrives and settlers pass through on their way west.

With Bellocq and his men hot on their trail, O'Rourke and his men summarily executing anyone who disobeys his commands, and the undead clawing at the fort's gates, Beau and Virgil must find the source of the undead and destroy it or face the spread of ancient evil into the American West.