(Science Fiction Action Thriller)

MIKE MCCRAY is the "police chief" of Chemhalla, an isolated summertime vacation village set in the Cascade Mountain Range. It's a quiet enough job that he doesn't carry a weapon and mostly consists of keeping the lid on the mayor's rowdy son ARDEN and his teenage cronies.

Returning to the station, McCray discovers a bloodspattered little girl wandering the highway. He soon determines that the little girl and her mother are newcomers to Chemhalla; the mother works at the nearby bioPharm research facility and is now missing.

McCray goes to the girl's address with local Urgent Care staffer LESLIE MEDFORD. They discover the house vandalized and a blood trail that leads to the woods. Additional attacks and disappearances are blamed on a rogue bear by Chemhalla's mayor TIM FAUSTUS until they discover the latest victim who appears to have been poisoned through bites on her leg.

A chance partnership with high-tech Sasquatch hunters LARRY and his brothers soon reveal that all the victims' bodies contain high levels of formic acid, a by-product of methanol poisoning.

Due to a train derailment, the normal highway to Redding has been closed. As Leslie drives the detour route to Redding to deliver forensic samples to the state lab, she discovers the road is closed to traffic due to a chemical tanker accident and she is forced to return to Chemhalla.

OWEN MOORE, head of bioPharm facility security arrives, having been notified by Mayor Faustus that medical assistance was needed. Despite suspicions on Leslie's part that bioPharm is somehow responsible for recent events, the victims, both dead and alive, are whisked away to bioPharm's facility.

Owen tries to assuage their suspicions: "We're like you; we have family, friends. I swear, there's nothing out of the ordinary happening here--".

That's when all Hell breaks loose.