(Horror Action Thriller)

Nestled in the Chihuahuan desert between Mexico Highway 45 and Federal Highway 10 is the town of Perdidos, once a center for bootlegging in the 30's but now dying a dry death. RAUL, the local law, is undermanned and outgunned by gunrunning criminals. He is in love with ALLEJANDRA, a girl still in mourning for her recently murdered fiance ESTEBAN..

TRENT, a man with the look of the hunted and the demeanor of a cornered animal, arrives in Perdidos on the first day of the festival of Dia de Los Muertos. He seeks information about a young local man who had been murdered a few months earlier. Before he can move on, hordes of UNDEAD in pursuit of Trent overrun Perdidos, cornering him, Raul, Allejandra, and other survivors in the town's one hotel..

During the undead siege, Trent is exposed as a hitman; his last job was executing Allejandra's fiance Esteban. Trent states that every "target" he hit deserved it... except for Esteban. He wants to know what Esteban might have been into to warrant a hit, which in turn might lead to whoever put the undead contract hit on Trent.

The leader of the undead, COWBOY, offers safe passage to Allejandra; this heightens the tensions and suspicions in the trapped group. Fortunately, the group discovers an old rumrunner's tunnel that was used to escape police raids. They use it to make a run for the jail where weapons and ammo are but are found out. Raul, Trent, and the other survivors make it to the jail but Allejandra is captured by the undead. The undead proceed to claw away at the jail, coming within minutes of breaking through until Raul's cousin RAIMUNDO barrels in with his towtruck at the last minute and rescues them.

Their business unfinished, Raul and Trent return to Perdidos: Raul to search for Allejandra, Trent to discover and kill whoever put the undead contract hit on him. They discover that Allejandra is still alive and at the center of a century-old plot that will require one of them to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save her... and ultimately mankind.