(Action Comedy)

Three hapless and inept robbers, HOGAN, BRAIN, AND PINK, are on the run after having inadvertently robbed the feared Tong boss MR. CHU. Pursued relentlessly by Mr. Chu's nephew SIU and his CREW, the robbers seek refuge in a state park where they are mistaken for wilderness guides by MAURA TOOMEY, a social worker who has scheduled an Outward Bound-style wilderness survival experience for six troubled thirteen-year old KIDS assigned to her care.

As the Tong, the FBI, and the actual wilderness survival guides close in on them, the three hapless robbers are forced to take the kids on a crazy wilderness adventure in order to cover their escape. With all the training that their city living has given them (which is none), the robbers struggle to survive nature, troubled teens, bad guys, good guys, and irate survivalists as they race for the one chance that will let them escape..

Along the way though, both the inept robbers and the kids learn valuable lessons about life and the choices you make.