The virus overtook mankind, infecting the sexually active and leaving behind the near total destruction of the human race... and a world now devoid of women and overrun with the undead.

In this undead world, Danny grew up and managed to survive, living by the rules, which have kept him alive. Each rule was learned the hard way; at the cost of someone else's life, from his brother, to his best friend, to everybody he's met along the way. Now accustomed to life as a single young man surviving in an undead world by following a routine of foraging for food and supplies, Danny passes his days with his "dog" BOWZER, a zombie he has managed to retrain.

As he philosophizes, routine is good because it keeps you from thinking about what your reasons (or lack of) for living are. During one foraging outing in a used electronics warehouse, Danny hears a voice on a solar powered radio, a female voice calling for help. The voice belongs to SOPHIA, who, along with her other female friends, grew up and sheltered in an abandoned TV station across town. Danny decides to go to Sophia’s assistance with a new-found belief that his reason for being in this undead world was to become the new Adam and repopulate the world.

With renewed purpose and the revved-up hormones of a young male, Danny sets out to fulfill his destiny. He will cross a city filled with the undead to find his Eve... or Eves, and repopulate the world. The only thing he didn’t count on was Mother Nature... and Human Nature, getting in the way.