A young man named JARED YOUNGERMAN awakens from a night of drinking to find he is tied to a chair in the middle of a deserted vacation cabin. He assumes it's a prank played on him by friends, but no one answers his calls and threats.

Soon, a weary-looking older man named SAM OLDERMAN enters the room. Jared assumes Sam is part of this unfunny prank. Ignoring Jared's pleading and cajoling, Sam goes about setting up a tray by Jared, laying newpaper over the tray and placing various tools on it. Jared furiously orders Sam to untie him or else; Sam responds by suddenly duct-taping Jared's mouth, grabbing a carpet knife off the tray, and severing two of Jared's fingers.

A cat-and-mouse game ensues with Sam leading Jared to think through various reasons he is in this situation, ranging from having crossed somebody to being the unfortunate random victim of a psycho killer. As the game continues, Jared discovers that he may not be the victim in this bizarre game where predators become prey and victims become villains.

The important question for Jared to answer of the next few harrowing hours is whether he's the victim or the villain.