JOHNNY has inherited an isolated mountain cabin from his estranged and recently deceased mother, an anthropologist who specialized in Native American anthropological studies. He arrives for a winter weekend at the cabin with TAD and MEGAN (geeky nerd couple), BIFF and BITSY (the quintessential perfect college couple), and RACK and CHINA (new age goth rockers).

As the snow falls and the group settles in, Johnny reveals his reason for coming to the cabin was to get to know more about his scientist mother who seemingly treated him his whole life as more of a subject for scientific study than as a son. Everyone else's reason for having accompanied Johnny to the cabin is gradually revealed, some for very mercenary reasons. The RANGER arrives, having seen lights on in the cabin that's been deserted for months. As he leaves, he warns the group that a snowstorm is coming and to be careful of hungry critters.

As the group gets snowed in, tensions begin to simmer. China gets unnerving vibes that something is not right at the cabin. It turns out that a gruesome event had occurred on the mountain during the Civil War. Later that evening, furious with Biff for having left her cigarettes in the car, Bitsy goes outside to retrieve them and is attacked and bitten by something.

It soon becomes apparent that something evil is stalking the cabin, something hungry... for blood. It's going to be a long winter weekend as Johnny and the group battle to stay alive until the Ranger returns.