(Horror Action Thriller)

1758; the French-Indian War, when France and Great Britain vied for colonial dominion, rages in the New World. Bloody battles and skirmishes rage across the continent as each superpower, with the aid of their Indian allies, sought to drive out the other from the lands. One of these contested lands was the THREE RIVERS area of what would become Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A party of fur trappers has found something... but something has found them and trapped them in an old abandoned Dutch fur trading post.

TOMMY GRIMES, a young soldier in his Majesty's colonial army, seeks to cashier out of service with enough to win the hand of his sweetheart FAITH HATCHER despite the opposition of her influential father to Tommy's supposedly half-breed background and the hostility faced from his fellow soldiers save one: a fellow outcast named JAMESON, a former slave who now serves in his Majesty's colonial army.

One of the fur trappers appears at the British fort; he is badly injured and babbles of a "jewel fallen from Heaven" in the far north end of the Ohio Valley. He warns of an army of flesh-eaters to be found there sparking many to believe it is the work of one of the French-allied Indians, the notorious "heart-eater" MICTLAN.

Mictlan is feared by the English settlers for his brutality and his penchant for eating the hearts of his prisoners in order to gain their wisdom.

An expedition is formed. Tommy's platoon is led by young LT. HALBERS and charged with investigating the fur trapper's claims. As they make their way north, they encounter a French patrol and capture a French-allied Indian, SCAR-CHEEK, who is taking his gravely wounded son MIIZIGINS north to escape the fighting. Halbers forces Scar-cheek to lead them to the abandoned fur post under threat of executing his son.

Meantime Faith discovers her father is sending her back to England to be introduced to "proper society". She runs away, hoping to find Tommy and elope. Along the way, she is captured by Mictlan who discovers an Indian trinket Tommy had given her. He believes that her heart will offer him the ability to straddle the two worlds of Indians and whites and prepares to kill her and eat her heart when he is stopped by the French who seek to track down the British expedition and determine what they are up to. Mictlan becomes obsessed by Faith; he wants her heart.

Later that evening, while a prisoner of the French, Faith manages to escape. Mictlan slaughters the French troops as they sleep and goes after Faith.

The British platoon reaches the Valley of Death and takes shelter in the old abandoned Dutch trading post. Mutiny is suppressed and Halbers leads the platoon deeper into the Valley of Death to search for the "jewel from the Heavens." They soon realize that the dead are walking the land and hungry for live flesh.

As Mictlan and his band of warriors pursue Faith, they also encounter the undead and despite defeating them, are infected.

Tommy, Jameson, and the British platoon battle their way through the Valley of Death to discover the "jewel fallen from the Heavens." Lt. Halbers determines that it is the source of the undead scourge and is determined to bring it back to British lines as a possible weapon to be used against the French.

The only problem is, there's an army of the undead standing between them and escape.