VORACIOUS (A Nickle & Dime Adventure)

(Horror-Action Thriller)

WW2, the Allied push through Nazi-occupied France drives the desperate Axis forces back to Germany and Berlin. U.S. Army soldiers BEAU NICKLE and VIRGIL DIME (pronounced Dee-may as he prefers), driving through the dark forests of the Morvan mountains to Paris on a weekend pass, unexpectedly encounter a Nazi SS company on a secret mission that could decide the fate of the war.

Desperate to escape the pursuing Nazis led by fanatical SS officer HEYDRICH HANAUER, Beau and Virgil seek shelter in the isolated town of Saint Laurent; a town blessed with a thriving trade in meat and second-hand goods, but cursed by odd genetic deformities afflicting its citizens and oddly has many of the women pregnant.

Following a feast prepared in their honor, Beau and Virgil awaken in a cell to find that they had been drugged and accused of theft of various valuable goods. Awaiting their fate, Beau is smitten by EMERAUD, a gypsy girl imprisoned for prostitution who is oddly drawn to older Virgil as she delivers food to them.

With the aid of KENDALL, son of the town's mayor, Beau and Virgil attempt to escape St. Laurent. Beau escapes but Virgil is captured and is sentenced to death in "the arena". Pursued by the townspeople, Beau finds refuge with GYPSIES, whose capture has been the goal of the pursuing Nazi SS. While Beau and the gypsies wait for a chance to free Virgil and Emeraud, Beau discovers ESME, Emeraud's twin sister, who is secretly smitten by Beau.

As Heydrich and the Nazi SS close in, both Beau and Virgil discover the bloody secret the town harbors, the unbelievable secret of the gypsies, and the monstrous plan of the Nazi SS that could turn the tide of the war. And they're the only ones that can do anything about it.